• Do I need to register?
    In order to shop at www.stradaparfumerie.com you must be registered and logged in. Registration is free and easy to complete.
  • When will my order arrive?
    The standard delivery time for orders within the UAE is 1-3 business days after the shipping date, and 7-15 business days after the shipping date for the rest of the world.
  • How will Strada Parfumerie handle my personal information?
    Strada Parfumerie will not sell or disclose any of the personal information collected at www.stradaparfumerie.com. This information will be used only to process and ship your order. Please read our Commitment Policy and the Terms and Conditions for complete information.
  • How can I pay for my order?
    We use Checkout to process payment for your order. We accept all major credit and debit cards via Checkout.
  • Is my credit card information safe?
    Yes, it is. Checkout is an international online payment service provider. Payment details are entered over a secure SSL link to Checkout, which will then authorize the payment after verifying the details that have been entered. Credit card details entered in the web store are kept securely by Checkout and are not transmitted to Strada Parfumerie.
  • Which currency is used in the web store?
    The currency used in the web store is Dirham. To convert the Dirham amount to any other currency, you can get an estimate here. Please note that this is only an estimate and the actual conversion may be different.
  • Why is there a limit to the number of products I can order?
    The Strada Parfumerie Web store is for final consumers only. This is why we limit the number of 30ml. products you can order to six per reference per order.
  • Do I have to pay VAT for my order?
    The prices posted on the web store are the fixed prices for all our customers. This means that for customers located inside the UAE and outside the UAE, the final prices are exactly the same. If a customer purchases a product within the UAE, the final price includes 5% VAT - as per the UAE VAT regulations. If a customer purchases a product from outside the UAE, the final price includes 0% VAT - as per the UAE VAT regulations. So whether or not VAT is included does not change the final price, it only changes whether or not our company has to declare any VAT.
  • How will I know when Strada Parfumerie will be delivered?
    You will receive a tracking number shortly after placing your order. You will be able to track the parcel from departure from our warehouse to arrival at your door. Our courier service will contact you at the contact number you have provided in the shipping address (order notes) before delivery and advise you regarding the date when you can expect the parcel.
  • What if I did not receive my complete order?
    If a product is missing from your order, please contact us immediately for investigation and possible replacement of your product. Contact us with your questions by email to hello@stradaparfumerie.com.
  • What happens when a product is out of stock?
    We have a constant flow of new products arriving, but if a product is temporarily unavailable, we will inform you within 24 hours by email or telephone with the expected time of delivery or offer you a full refund.
  • Do you have a wholesale shop for retailers?
    Yes, a separate shop for retailers will be added very soon.
  • Do you have an office in the Middle East?
    Yes we do have an office in the UAE, Dubai, Mizhar 1, Street 18 C, Villa no. 59.
  • How can I cancel my order?
    If you need to cancel an order, please contact us by sending an email to hello@stradaparfumerie.com. Please state the order number found in your order confirmation and which items you wish to cancel. If the order has already been sent to you, you can return the item within 7 days of delivery.
  • How can I order a product?
    To add products to your shopping bag, use the 'BUY NOW' button. Your order will not be placed until you proceed to check out for confirmation and payment. To proceed to check out, click the link 'Check Out' in the top right corner of your cart. Review your order and delivery information, then click Continue. Fill out your payment information and click Buy to confirm the order. A preliminary order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.
  • Can I track my order once payment is made?
    Yes, you will receive a tracking number shortly after you have placed your order with all the needed details to track your parcel.
  • I lost my password; how can I get it back?
    Please use the 'Forgot your password?' link on the 'My Account' page.